These are some of the projects that I've been involved with thus far


CrossCurrents is the name we gave to the faculty jazz group at The University of Toledo. It was a great honor to be invited by the guys to make this record, and it was even more fun to record with them. Nothing like a great studio and a great bunch of musicians to get the creative spirit going.

The Dreamer - Paul Cohn

This was a fun an challenging project with my friend Paul Cohn. We put a lot of time and care into this album and I'm sure you'll like the tunes as much as I do.

Reaching for the Moon - Morgen Stiegler

I recorded some percussion in a couple of tunes on this album. Morgen is a dear dear friend and playing on her debut album was a great honor. Hope you like it!

Zen Arts Ensemble

 The Zen Arts Ensemble is a new project we are puting together with some colleages from the University of Toledo in which we collectively create music that comes from a Zen text carefully chosen by our sensei, Rev. Jay Rinsen Weik. We are looking forward to have more performances in and around Toledo and the midwest. you can find more information here: